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Our data-driven approach, combined with our tools and frameworks provide insights not only into platforms but complete user experience.

Current trends

Over-the-top Media Services experiencing massive growth.

We are in an era of transition whereby people are seen migrating from terrestrial TV broadcasting to online video streaming. However, the end users have high expectations from OTT service providers as they compare it to the existing broadcast services. They want that the OTT viewing experience should be just like the terrestrial watching experience whereby they are able to stream content at single click.

They are least bothered about the framework or components like encoders, DRM or CDNs that ensure streaming. All they expect is high-quality videos and real-time streaming. Hence, the OTT providers need to understand the expectations of the customers and optimize their solutions accordingly. Our team of experts works with OTT providers in the end to end journey to ensure best and immersive viewing experience.

How we help

A dedicated team.

Based on these insights we work with companies to uplift their platform. In addition to high-quality streaming, users also expect ease of usage and enhanced search-ability of content that is available on the internet.

For this, we offer a cognitive search engine so that end users can easily search the content.

‍Our team works in close collaboration with OTT service providers to ensure best in class experience for the users.

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